Studio C is a light and spacious studio a 5 minute walk from Terwijde trainstation. We teach Pilates 7 days a week (on the mat and on the reformer), in groups as well as privately. Apart from Pilates, you can also join dance- and yoga classes that are organized in our studio by other parties. Studio C also offers spaces for rent.

When you want to start Pilates classes, there are two options; you book a trial class or you fill out our  contactform to request an intake. Both the trial class and the intake are free of charge and without further obligations. An intake is particularly useful in case you have injuries or pain, while a trial class is a good way to find out if Pilates suits you. Because reformer classes require some previous experience, only our mat- and barre classes are available for trials. 

In case you’ve never done Pilates before and you would like to do a private introductory class first, then you can make an appointment for a one-off reduced price of €40 (normal fee for private classes is €55). Likewise, if you want to start reformer classes and you have some Pilates experience already, you first take a private introductory class on the reformer for the same reduced fee. In case you are interested in a private introductory class, please fill out the contactform.

After your trial class or your intake you can buy a ‘strippenkaart’ (class credits) online in our shop and sign up for the classes you’d like to join. Each ‘strippenkaart’ is a one-off with no further obligations, so you’re not going to get stuck with a 6 month subscription. For matclasses you can sign off 3 hours in advance free of charge, for reformer classes you can only cancel upto 24 hours in advance.